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The  JX3  Federation

  • How Many Parsecs       10:38

  • Will I Drift                         10:16

  • To Find That                    10:21

  • Perfect Civilization        10:28

Orbit JX3 Federation_PDFCover.jpg

About the album

How many parsecs will I drift to find that perfect civilization?


The new Hybrid Futuristic Space instrumental (film scoring) album released by singer, keyboardist, and composer Jon Shen with the in-house music production team of his own label - Orbit JX3, presents an interwoven story between a surrealistic future of worldview, science, humanity, order of the city, philosophy of religion, and the ideal civilization.


All musical instruments by Jon Shen

Program operation / Sounds management by Orbit JX3

Mixing / Mastering by Day Tse


© 2022 Divine Field Records, a division of JON Music Limited


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#musicalbum #instrumental #futuristic #ambient #beats #scifi #space #civilization

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Jon Shen

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