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Sole Divinity
(The 3rd Anniversary Live)

  • See You Again       06:23

  • Snow Moon            09:07

  • Boat                         05:04

  • Regenerate            05:23

Sole Divinity the 3rd Anniversary Live_Cover.jpg

About the album

Grace was upon them all during the prevalence of the epidemic, enabling them to hang around, spend some pounds, and make these sounds. The 3rd-anniversary live session of Jon Shen's debut album "Sole Divinity" performed with the magnetic band Jazove Mixtape. Four songs from the album with different feelings were chosen. Here we go!


Jon Shen - vocal, keyboard

Shala S. - vocal

Nate Wong - drums

Jimmy Pittman - bass

Leo Szeto - guitar

Cam Otto - saxophone

Uncle Ming - trombone, trumpet


Executive Producer: Day Tse @ JON Music Productions

Audio Recording: Jordie Guzman @ Studio B Productions

Mixing / Mastering: Anthony Cheng @ Takumi Studio UK

Filming Team: CoverDog (Din Cheung, Hong Chan, SunSun Leung, Erica Chui, FK)


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Copyright Divine Field Records, a division of JON Music Limited 2023

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Jazove Mixtape

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