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Jazove Mixtape

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JAZZ, GROOVE, and LOVE! The most gracious echoes that never vanish from the deep soul!  

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Jazove Mixtape was originally established by Jon Shen, a Jazz Fusion and Soul-Funk singer and keyboardist, along with some outstanding active musicians during his time at Berklee College of Music. They have performed at numerous live venues, concert halls, music festivals, and TV programs in various cities across Asia and Europe, and recorded several tracks in Jon's album "Sole Divinity" in 2019. They were praised by fans for having a powerful groove, soulful sound, and smooth improvisation.

The band has been based in Hong Kong since 2020 and has been working on various music events and projects for many years. They are constantly exploring new possibilities in music as they consider it their mission!


(In no particular order)

LEADER: Jon Shen

VOCAL: Jon Shen | Shala S. 

DRUMS: Nate Wong | Orbit JX3 | Yan Boodhoo | ReD | Dedi Zhong 

BASS: Jimmy Pittman | Ray Covington | Orbit JX3 | Jason Lee

KEYBOARD: Jon Shen | Brian Flynn | Jim He | Costel Pascu

GUITAR: Tjoe Man Cheung | Leo Szeto | Johnny Au

BRASSES: Uncle Ming | CK | Yi-Jiun Kao



We are always looking for multiple types of cooperation. Let's connect!

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